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        RELEASE NAME ..... Norton Confidential 2007 v1.5

        SUPPLIER ......... Team EDGE

        CRACKER .......... Team EDGE

        PROTECTION ....... XtreamLok + Custom + ECDSA

        RELEASE DATE ..... 02/08/2007

        SIZE ............. 08 x 5MB

        URL ..............



                          Norton Confidential 2007 v1.5

   Norton Confidential is a powerful and innovative new security solution

   which will help protect you while you are most vulnerable when banking

   or shopping online, or at any Web site where you are submitting

   passwords, account numbers or other confidential information.

   Platforms: Windows XP Home/XP Pro/XP Media Center/VISTA

   Key Features:

    - Helps prevent deceptive phishing emails from directing

      you to hard-to-recognize, fraudulent Web sites that can

      steal your private information.

    - Blocks and removes suspicious programs that track and

      steal passwords and other sensitive information when

      you are conducting online transactions.

    - Encrypts and stores your passwords so they can't be

      stolen and used to access your confidential information

      or make unauthorized transactions.

    - Lets you bank and shop online with confidence when

      you're most vulnerable to fraud and identity theft.

    - Secures passwords to prevent unauthorized access to

      personal information.

    - Eavesdropping protection prevents identity thieves

      from secretly tracking keystrokes or capturing your

      screens from login to logout.

    - Works with other Internet security products to provide

      extra protection when you need it most.

    - Checks your overall security status through Norton

      Protection Center.

    - Alerts you to new product features and security updates.



    1. Unzip, Unrar, and run NCO15.EXE to install


    3. Continue the installation until you get to Product Key screen,

       there select "I have already purchased this product and will type

       my Product Key in the spaces below".

    4. Use the keygen to generate your product key, and press Next.

    5. A message box will come up telling you that you need Internet

       connectivity to continue, just press the OK Button, and then press

       the Next button.

    6. After a while an browser window will open, just close this, and

       press that big fat button in the keygen that says "Click Here To

       Enable Phone Activation!". Observe how the the very secret voodoo

       enabled phone activation, and then press Next.

    7. Now copy the 36 digit Request Code into the Request Code field in

       the keygen, no dashes or spaces just one long 36 digit string.

       Select how many years you want to license the software for, and

       press the Generate button to get your Unlock Code.

    8. Copy the generated Unlock Code to the Norton activation screen,

       then press the Next button.

    9. Enjoy a fully unlocked copy, and naturally DO NOT register this

       software with Symantec, you can now reconnect to the Internet.

    PS. Vista users please note to make sure you run the Keygen as

        Administrator: Right click the keygen.exe -> Run as Administrator


                             WE DID IT FOR THE LULZ!


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