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link down includes, u can download there in mp3 format

Planetary Peace Meditation by Choa Kok Sui


u have to do exercise before and after the PPM

to avoid the energy congestion

whatever kind of ?


do all parts exercise

like biking in evenin and doing some stretching?


i do jogging in a place, shoulder exercise

then neck rotation, hands rotation, twist the waist, semi sit ups for 50 times, back and forward bend, knee rotation, heal ankle exercise

eye rotation exercise

then i will bathtube in salt water

actually u should not take bath for atleast 30 mins after ppm

do this meditation once a day morning or evening, more is not advice, cause too much energy can cause problems or damage, its like overheating by too much sun , sunburn i wanted to say !!!


hello all this meditation is suitable for all which does not afraid of consequences this meditation can bring to your life cause change can sometimes be painful and can bring releasing of emotional blockages which caused or could caused illnesses and peace (depends on every individual being) true peace is brought even obstacles are presents but thats life


everyone of us has supreme inner potential to heal them selfs and others

recommended book bout emotional blockages :

Shakti Gawain: Living in The Light

link down includes, u can download there in mp3 format

Planetary Peace Meditation by Choa Kok Sui

plus link above include brainwave generator , authors claims it has effect on headphones plus read help



according of creators of brainwave gen.

plus link above includes subliminal messages 2.1

too read help if want to add your own subliminal messages to avoid possible troubles

plus theres are some quotas like i hate drugs , i hate smoke , i would on your place avoided using such a means like hate , other quotas seems nice , at least i havent noticed other ones similar to hate , if u notice there some let me know here please , thanks a lot

have a nice day m8s :O)
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