Death of a Nation. SMH. - Alex Jones Taken Down For Exposing Sandy Hook Truth! 720p

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Death of a Nation. SMH. - Alex Jones Taken Down For Exposing Sandy Hook Truth! 720p.mp4 - 6min 1s 1280 x 720

No one died on December 14, 2012! Wolfgang Halbig is another great truther, you cannot and will not shut us down. We are waking up more and more everyday to your lies, you have been exposed. No one trusts the mainstream anymore, we have been lied to about everything, I certainly do not agree with Alex Jones on everything, he buys into the Trump is the savior of us all delusion, I'm not for anyone in this corrupt rotten system that brainwashes our children with lies through the government indoctrination centers otherwise known as SCHOOLS.

Seriously folks, if you care about your kids like you say you do GET THEM OUT OF THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS! Homeschool them, YOU be the teacher, teach your children to question everything, question government, question authority..

We can take control of our future collectively today and say no longer do we consent to being ruled, we are not slaves..

Let's face it "truthers" Alex Jones was most likely where you started then you found out he was controlled opposition, we all know this.

Alex Jones is where most of us started in this truth movement, I agree with Alex Jones on Sandy Hook being a hoax and 9/11 being a inside job, 100%. Research it for yourself, I know Alex is a Zionist shill he never mentions the Zionists, he did at one point years ago call them out. But never again since then.

Take what's good and leave the rest :), while I don't agree with AJ on some issues, I hate when anyone is censored so that's the main reason I am sharing this video, we have freedom of speech. 1st amendment! Not that our constitution means much anymore, we have lost so much of our rights, we certainly are not free.. But if one person loses their freedom of speech, they might as well have attacked all of us because they can do the same thing to us, they removed my YouTube pages a few times as well but I bounced right back created a new one and got everything I lost back so in your face YouTube!

But try to shut us down through torrent sites you A-holes :P, information spreads like wildfire through this platform. I hope the info I spread helps you all wake up and at least realize we have been lied to about everything. But also I try to bring solutions, there are solutions to the problems we all face, just look at cancer, it's everywhere. But there are cures that have been kept from us.. People do not have to die, research Gerson Therapy, Vitamin B17, Dr. Burzynski, Hemp oil.. There are solutions folks :) we are all in this together.

Speak Out, Be Heard, Take Action! #WeDoNotConsent

Please share this information far and wide, burn the video to DVDs or put it on USB thumbdrives and give them out to friends, family and others.

Please seed as long as possible, at least to a ratio of 1.100, thank you :)

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